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Patty Slupecki

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My Story

My Story

In 2002, I thought I had it all: I was married to my high school sweetheart, Mark, we had two beautiful children, and lived in a quiet suburban home. Then, on a Sunday afternoon in September, my husband was killed while riding his bicycle.

At 37 years old, my entire world crumbled in an instant. I was confronted with overwhelming grief, depression, and numbness.

I developed a disease that required 19 surgeries. It was the jolt I needed to reevaluate my life and how I was living – or not living as the case was in those early years.


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Suddenly Widowed: A Memoir of Survival

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Suddenly Widowed: A Memoir of Survival

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We all experience a variety challenges throughout our lifetime. These transitions can be planned or unplanned, positive or negative, chosen or thrust upon us. They can leave us feeling stuck, isolated, lonely, or fearful – making it a difficult to see the possibilities for a happy, fulfilled, thriving life. In this community, I help you navigate your own path and build the skills and strategies needed to find your purpose, overcome life’s transitions and challenges, and reimagine your life.

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